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Lawyers in Mallorca specialized in New technologies

New technologies

Digital transformation is key to your business strategy, not only as a leader in your sector but also as a business philosophy for your company.

As a leader in your industry and as a corporate philosophy, digital transformation is essential to your business strategy.

Treat your digital space with care and adaptation, just like you would your own house.

The legal field known as "digital law" has been defining legal obligations and creating particular rules regarding how businesses and individuals in this new digital era use new information and communication technologies.

The management of algorithms, BigData, digital privacy, consumer digital rights, personal data protection, marketing and digital advertising, and computer crimes are some of the current issues facing our legal system.

It is imperative to have genuine experts with expertise in New Technologies Law to safeguard your company's growth and administration in light of these challenges. It is essential to have experts who comprehend your company's digital ecosystem directly, appreciate your legal and technological issues, speak with you in your native tongue, and offer a suitable and effective solution for your business.

Legal counsel regarding cybersecurity and personal data protection

We customize your internet business to comply with all current data protection laws, including RGPD, LOPDGDD, consent clauses, user rights, data protection officers (DPOs), video surveillance, security breaches, and cyber security-related legal prevention.

Advice on marketplaces and e-commerce

Web pages and e-commerce portals are audited by us. safeguarding the rights of consumers. Permission to use cookies is an adaptation of the Information Society Services Act (LSSI). guidance on social media, internet marketing, and digital advertising. Preserving the company's online presence, reputation, and technological compliance.

Advice, electronic contract drafting, and negotiation

We assist you in the process of drafting contracts for your web designer (copyright, assignment of image rights), customers (online sales, right of return, digital consumer rights), employees (right of image, remote work, business control, digital disconnection), and IT (web development, outsourcing of online services, Blockchain, SmartContracts, SEU, SEM).

Intellectual and industrial property rights defense and registration

Experts at CapllonchAdvocats include those who register trademarks both domestically and internationally, as well as those who work with patents, industrial designs, trade names, utility models, and infringement as well as those who oppose registration. We also address trade secrets, databases, intangible assets, online content creators, copyright protection, user licenses, and inventions.

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