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Lawyers in Mallorca specialized in Restructuring plans

Restructuring plans

Restructuring plans

We at Capllonch Advocats provide financial and legal advice to businesses that may be facing insolvency.

In these situations, the goal is to assist businesses in regaining their financial stability by assisting them in creating, negotiating, and strategically planning a restructuring plan that will prevent or even overcome insolvency and prevent them from having to file for bankruptcy.

The Bankruptcy Law anticipates the creation of a new, quick-moving, and efficient system to keep businesses in financial distress but still potentially economically viable from settling their debts with creditors out of court.

We are able to negotiate debts so that your company can move forward and protect jobs because of our broad and specialized view, which comes from our extensive experience in all kinds of business crisis situations.

It is still possible to achieve financial recovery and business stability even if you owe money to creditors.

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