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Lawyers in Mallorca specialized in Commercial LawDefense before the Commercial Courts and comprehensive advice for companies

Specialists in Commercial Law

We know the business world and its legal needs

We are a law firm specialized in ​​Commercial Law that offers the best personalized service and legal advice to companies and entrepreneurs.

Our knowledge of companies’ needs throughout its different stages (preliminary phase, initiation, development and consolidation) allows us to offer a wide range of personalized services tailored to your needs and/or comprehensive advice for companies: we help your company with all aspects of to Commercial Law in order to avoid disputes in the future.

However, Commercial Law affects many more areas than just business and a private individual may need expert advice or defense in the Commercial Courts, such as the Second Chance Act, Nullity Floor Clauses, Claim against any Abusive Clauses, the drafting or revision of contracts, etc.


To provide high quality legal services to companies, entrepreneurs and individuals in need of specialized advice in the field of commercial law, guaranteeing seriousness, trust and customer care at all stages of the process.


Capllonch Advocats aims to be a reference in the field of commercial law in the Balearic Islands, distinguished by the quality of its services and the prestige of the professionals that make it up. Likewise, the firm aspires to be a leader in the implementation of digital services.


  • Quality of services and efficient advice.
  • Rigorous studies, personalized attention and client support.
  • Continuous training and teamwork.
  • Digital office, reducing the use and consumption of paper.
  • Pleasant working environment and regular updating of computer equipment and facilities.
  • Flexible working hours and mixed work.
  • Brand image.

Corporate social responsibility

According to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Observatory, it is "a type of corporate governance based on managing the impact that its operations have on its customers, employees, shareholders, local communities, the environment and society in general."

At Capllonch Advocats, we care deeply about making a good impact in all areas, which is why we base our company on the following principles:

  • Paper reduction through the implementation of the digital office, positively impacts the environment..
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  • Introduction of digital systems that allow customers to better track their affairs..
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  • Promote hybrid work arrangements with flexible work schedules and work-life balance, and provide the latest generation of equipment that allows employees to create a better work environment and give the best to our customers..
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  • Creating informative content on the Internet in simple and direct language to promote knowledge of legal issues of general interest to society..
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  • Realize "pro bo" counseling and payment flexibility to ensure access to specialized legal services for those with less financial capacity..
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Working methodology

When you decide to contact us, the first thing we do is meet with him/her so we can get to know each other in person, analyse their needs and gather the necessary information in order to carry out a preliminary study of the case. Afterwards, we analyse all the information and documentation collected and offer you a free personalized quote adapted to the needs of each case.

Once the quote has been accepted, we start to carry out our work and we keep in touch with you so that you are informed and feel supported at all times, offering a personalized, quality and efficient service: everything to guarantee the maximum possible satisfaction and so that you are proud to recommend us.


The numbers don't lie

Lawsuits avoided, negotiated or won


Managed bankruptcy proceedings


Exonerados a través de la segunda oportunidad

+6 M€

Accumulated professional experience

+18 years

Satisfaction guaranteed


In order to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied and that we meet all their needs efficiently, Capllonch Advocats has established a network of collaborators with law firms specialized in other branches of law, applying the same criteria of quality and professionalism that we apply to our own services.

For more information on our Commercial Law services and adviceContact Capllonch Advocats

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